Taylor loves books. I enjoy stories. The first idea for the website was a book that presented our story as the kind of tale you might tell a child at bedtime. Then we could include other information about the wedding after the story. Navigation would be through tabs.

We dreamers sometimes go astray. After finishing the story, I realized I was seeing a lot of problems with the book on older computers. So I had a choice to make. Either I could spend a lot of time trying to fix it to work on older computers and hope the site was salvageable, or I could create a new website. I saw the approaching dawn of Save-The-Dates on the horizon. We put the storybook on the new website.

I did include a link to the book–for those that are able to view it–but for those with older computers, they can still access information about the wedding without needing the book to work. It remains there, as a hidden gem for those that stumble upon it. The dream of a complete website book may have been interrupted by time, but it still makes me very happy to see a part of it become a reality.

Have I told you about what a dream Taylor is, and how happy she makes me?