There once was a beautiful, brainy unicorn who lived in a city with a broad river.
She liked shiny things and conversation.
Elsewhere in the land, there was a courageous, curious rhinoceros that lived in a swamp.
He was a thinker and enjoyed naps.
Each was lonely and desired to be part of a pair.
So, a matchmaker was sought.
On a hot July day, the unicorn met the rhinoceros in a forest near the city.
For more than eight hours, they wandered-getting to know one another and pretending not to be lost.
The rhinoceros showed the unicorn the swamp and, more than once, accidentally fed her unripe persimmons.
The unicorn taught the rhinoceros about art and shared copies of her favorite books.
As the months passed, the rhinoceros thought about the unicorn more often than he would like to admit.
And the unicorn could no longer imagine her future without the rhinoceros.
Soon thereafter, the rhinoceros declared his love. The unicorn returned the sentiment.
He asked a question, and she said yes.
And here we are.